Hi, my name is Muska, I am a blue tortoiseshell tabby and white Maine Coon. True to my breed I am friendly, affectionate, inquisitive and playful. I also think I am gorgeous and since my housemate constantly calls me ‘gorgeous’ I believe it to be true.

Sometimes I think it is a shame that I cannot have kittens because I think they would be beautiful too. The upside of this is that the tom cats leave me alone, so if you were looking for a feline sex in the city story this is not going to interest you.blue tortoiseshell and white maine coon cat

I just want to share some interesting parts of my life with you on my diary page and I will let you in on how I see the world on my views page. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on these pages. There are also lots of pictures of both Marley and me in our gallery.

  I also have some videos posted on YouTube so you can see me playing and being clever, just click on YouTube

blue tortoiseshell and white maine coon cat

I have some pictures on Maine Coon cat Nation, if you would like to see mine and other Maine Coon pictures or learn about Maine Coon cats please visit the site at Maine Coon Cat Nation .

If you would like to check out the website of my breeder you will see some lovely cats and kittens, Jacawaca Maine Coon cats.

I am now in a book that my housemate has made I am there along with her last cat who is sadly no longer here and the new kitten, Marley. It looks very professional I think, you can see it here.

2 Responses to Home

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  2. Kris says:

    Muska is very cute. I saw some recent videos on Youtube!

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