week of 26th June 2011

It was my second birthday on 26th June, we spent most of the day in bed and watched the F1 grand prix. I was given a new bed and this website for my birthday, this is me on my new bed.

Later I went out to play in the garden as this week I have found a new game. Each evening this week I have gone out as it gets dark and played with mice in the neighbour’s garden.  I have watched Tom and Jerry and I know mice are tricky and worth a watching but these mice are easy.

They give in very easily though, after about an hour of playing they lie down and fall asleep, mice are obviously not as fit as cats because they tire easier. They can also die of natural causes during the night as each morning when I go back to play they are dead. There are no teeth marks on them so they must just die in their sleep.

I am usually home before it gets dark, we have foxes in the garden and they don’t seem to kno wthat they are not supposed to chase cats so I like to be home at night. On Tuesday night I was out until 1:20am, a record for me, but my house mate was very worried. I’m not sure why, she doesn’t go to bed until about 2am so I did not keep her up. Luckily I am cute and won her around very quickly. 

On Thursday night I played a game where I jump all over my house mate at 4am and then I look surprised when she wakes up. I put on my innocent face but she went back to sleep so I tried to take her necklace off but this did not work either. I had to resort to my favourite game where I sit on the bedside cabinet and knock items to the floor until my house mate wakes up enough to give me a cuddle. This is not as one sided as it sounds, I purr and she smiles and we both go back to sleep- eventually.

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