I believe there are a lot of people out there who choose to have cat substitutes in their house, namely children, I don’t want to start talking about dogs or rabbits here although they can also be used as cat substitutes. Those who know their cat breeds will know that there is no substitute to a Maine Coon, we are irreplaceable. Now I know there will be some attractions in having children around, they can be amusing, they drop food on the floor which is at least worth a sniff and they are supposed to look after their parents when they get older. Now I suppose that this can seem like a bit of an insurance policy, have a child, feed and clothe it,¬†encourage it into a good job and then move in with them when you no longer want to cook and clean for yourself.

Now this might seem like a plan, but I feel I should point out some alternatives. Now suppose you have a child, some of those nappies can make your eyes water, but move a kitten into the house and you have a litter tray for a while and then we go out and use the neighbours flower beds- first point to the cats.

When it comes to meal times children seem to be quite messy, food on the floor, the walls, their clothes, their parents clothes and even their face and hands. Feeding a cat is a totally different story, we are clean and tidy and make very little mess. I have been known to help clean up after the children, I like it when they are staying and they have a chocolate cereal for supper. As soon as they head to bed I help to clear up the mess.


Also if you have children you need to either stay at home with them or get a babysitter, this means that you cannot just do what you want, when you want and as a cat I think this is important. I love being able to get up and go out when it suits me, I like my independence a parent has to think about their children all the time whilst a cat’s housemate wants to think about their cat all the time.


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