I sometimes think that it was a dog who started the rumour that ‘curiosity killed the act’ it is  the kind of cruel trick a dog would play in the hope that it would keep cats closer to home. We are able to roam free, we do not need a lead or a collar, we are truly independent.

There are people out there, you know them, they have dogs as pets and share their house with them. I understand that dogs can be trained, you can control them, they can fetch your slippers or your newspaper, but really what’s it all about? If these people want to control something why don’t they get a remote control car or helicopter. Sure they use more batteries but they are so much more fun.

There are dogs in our street, their ‘owners’ have to take them for a walk, whatever the weather and then the dogs soil in the street and their owners have to get out a bag and clean up after them. Please tell me, where is the pleasure in that? We used to have a dog next door, he barked constantly, morning, noon and night and soiled all over the garden, the smell was quite unpleasant, at least cats bury their business.

My housemate today was talking and, I am sorry to say,touching the dog over the road, I tried to walk behind them to get a closer look to see whether she was just being neighbourly or whether I needed to be concerned. The dog caught sight of me and thought he had a chance but I can assure you I could give the RoadRunner a run for his money. The dog could not get near me and then he could not jump our gate so I jumped up on the dustbin to remind him what he was missing. So if you are looking for an agile, athletic pets, choose a cat.

You cannot control a cat, I think that is more exciting and intriguing, you never know what a cat is going to do next. If you keep throwing a stick away, why should the dog bring it back for you? Although I have heard that some Maine Coon cats can choose to do this themselves, personally if I am picking up something it is because I want it and I am taking it somewhere to hide- usually under my housemate’s bed.


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