I have spent a lot of time watching humans and I think they have a lot to learn from cats. They seem to rush from place to place, I watch them run out of their doors, into their cars, drive away at speed and when they return they rush back into their houses. They seem to spend so much time coming and going and not enough time savouring the moment, a lot of them need to learn about relaxation.

It might be good to have a shiny car, a freshly decorated house a cultivated garden and all the latest gadgets but it is important to get the balance right- if you are so busy achieving- when do you find time to enjoy?

Cats haveĀ a different take on life, we are all about the here and now because the past has happened and if you keep thinking about the future you miss the present. Now when I am playing with a mouse, I am not thinking about all the other mice who have run off during the game, or fallen asleep when they should be jumping because it might put me off playing the game. If I started thinking about a bigger mouse who might be around the corner, I would not enjoy playing with the mouse I had found.

When I am lying on the window sill, watching out of the window with one eye and resting the other one I am truly in the moment. I am taking everything in, I know every blade of grass in my garden, I notice any birds or insects, people walking by and obviously any other cats who dare to trespass. I am not worrying about the past, it has happened and I have survived.

I find time to sleep, I am at peace with myself and I consider myself to be lucky and treasured. Cats are very intelligent they have just the right balance of independence and being cared for. All my comforts are taken care of, I have toys, food, a water fountain, livestock, cuddles, affection and plenty of comfortable beds. I enjoy what I have and make the most of every moment. If I started worrying about how I can get more toys, how to get more food or how to get comfier beds I would not make the most of what I had. My mind would be constantly busy and I would be stressed- that just does not make any sense.

Of course there are things in my life that worry me, but I look for a solution and then stop worrying, it is the solution that takes my time not the fretting. It means that I put my mind to good use and then I go back to sleep and have pleasant dreams.

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