week of 10th July 2011

Welcome to my diary for this week, which has been quite different from usual, we have had children staying with us, this is not as bad as it first seemed. They can be a bit noisy and attention seeking but they cannot run very fast so you can let them think they can touch you and then run away at the last minute. As a Maine Coon I have a long bushy tail which seems to attract children but I keep it just out of reach.

They like to play so we have had some fun in the garden chasing toys and running around, although it has been quite sunny so I have been wandering off into the shade. I spent two hours under the wheelbarrow on Monday. They were calling me for four or five minutes before I let them know where I was, I would have waited longer but my nose got the better of me.

On Tuesday I was given a very thorough brushing, it seems that you do not have to rub yourself on black linen trousers for long to cover them in fur. I think my housemate thought it was an accident and that I needed to be groomed. I wrote a ‘note to self’ to stay away from the black clothes, they get covered in cat hair naturally.

On Wednesday night I waited until the girl was asleep and brought a dormouse in with me, I thought I would test my theory that it is the cold nights that kill them. It ran a bit quicker than I expected and got behind a plant pot so my housemate helped me try and catch it. She managed to get the dormouse in a box but it jumped into the air and I nearly caught it. She then used a magazine to cover the box when the mouse was in it, we had so much fun hunting together I could not help purring, but then the strangest thing happened, she walked into the kitchen with me, shut the door and sneaked out. She then opened the front door and the mouse got out, I could not believe she could be so careless. I searched around the house but it had definitely escaped so I just went to bed on the couch and made the most of my cuddle whilst we had peace and quiet.

 On Thursday the girl did not sleep over, so at just after 3am I started running around the house at high speed, I ran up and down the stairs and took some toys upstairs to play with in my room. It was great, but by 5am I was tired so I jumped up onto my housemate’s bed for a long cuddle and a comfy sleep, does life get any better than this?

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