Week of 17th July 2011

Hi there, we had a late night on Saturday, we were playing with the feathers on a string until almost three o’clock and then when the washing machine had finished¬†¬†we went to bed. I of course helped to empty the machine. As a Maine Coon cat I am playful and helpful, it is all part of my breeding. I like to go to sleep under my housemate’s bed and then once she is asleep I like to sleep on her bed.

On Sunday the children visited again, when they went home they left some small plastic farm animals out which were just the right size for carrying upstairs and playing with. There was a small mis-hap, apparently it is sore to stand on a plastic lamb if you do not have slippers on, how was I to know? The moral of the story is : to wear slippers! Luckily I can do no wrong and all I had to do was tilt my head to one side and stare into her eyes and I got my usual cuddle.

I had been off my food a little bit lately, I think it is due to the clammy weather, I like it best when my housemate sits beside me when I eat which she has done the last few days, which is great. I like to sit beside her so we are just touching and then I eat, although another trick I have is to look up at the Whiska’s temptations before eating. She then puts a few on my food to get me started.

On Monday night we did not go to bed until nearly 6am, the laptop had caught a virus and it took until almost 4am to fix it, by then the sun was coming up so we sat and watched the sky turn from black, to orange and then blue.

On Wednesday morning I was standing on my housemate when she was in bed , kneading the covers in an affectionate way but my claws are a bit long and I caught her face by accident. She still cuddled me but I waited all day because I thought that she would try and cut my claws, but nothing yet.

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