Week of 24th July 2011

What a Sunday, it started just before 6am when I chased a spider across the bedroom floor but it went behind a pile of books and clothes. I tried to move everything out of the way but I could not shift the large book at the bottom, so I had to look longingly at my housemate who had luckily just woken up. After the third look she climbed out of bed and moved the book and I stood on the spider and then ate it before it could get away.

My housemate then went out and left me in the house, I managed to catch a bird and since it was too hot to run about outside I took the bird indoors and continued the chase in the living room. The bird lost a lot of its feathers so there was a bit of mess for my housemate to clear up when she got home.

She then went for a bath, whilst I chased a very large                                                         moth  but I knocked over a vase and thought I  had better go and endear myself before my housemate noticed. I sat on the edge of the bath and washed her face for her, I like to do this to show that a bath is totally unnecessary when you possess  a tongue. I was in full flow, purring away when the moth flew across the bath, I lost my concentration for a second and during my eloquent lunge my tail and back legs landed in the water. I managed a very graceful dismount and due to hunting expertise caught the moth during the move. Dancing on Ice here I come.


This week my housemate has been out during the day so I make the most of the evenings and sit on her knee. I have changed my habits slightly and I now sleep on the bed all night, this means that I go to sleep with a cuddle and I wake up with a cuddle. I must admit I sometimes have to help her wake up, but I am so cute with it that I always get a cuddle.

Thursday morning started early, I took a bird up to the bedroom expecting my housemate to help me play with it, but whilst I was chasing the bird around my housemate decided to get dressed. I did not mind because the bird could not really fly because one of its wings were damaged so it was an easy game. I was then surprised when my housemate picked me up, with the bird in my mouth and took us both outside.

I decided that since she did not want to help me I would take the bird into nextdoor’s garden to continue the game. My housemate watched on with interest and when the bird stopped moving my housemate came over and gave me a cuddle and told me I was a clever girl. I lapped up the praise but somehow the bird disappeared whilst I was being cuddled. I looked all around the grass but I could not find it, it could not have escaped without help and I don’t think that my housemate took it away whilst distracting me, another mystery, bring in Poirot.

Saturday was a busier day to start with, the decking was oiled- and I must say although it said no foot traffic, it should also say no paws , because it tastes awful. The fence was then painted, I was asked not to supervise and inspect but I am a cat and I do what I want, unfortunately I got red cedar paint on my tail and I was threatened with a bath. I was very lucky though, my housemate’s back was too sore to continue painting so she saved me from the bath by using a small pair of scissors. It was a very tasteful hair cut, no real damage was done.

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