week of 3rd July 2011

On Sunday I spent most of the day by myself, I won’t go into detail about how I spent my day in case my housemate reads it, let’s just say I had fun and any scratches on the couch were probably already there.

When my house mate returned home it was late and she went for a bath, I like to keep her company by sitting on the toilet seat but an hour is long enough for anyone to sit in water so I tried to tell her it was time  to move. I don’t see the fascination with sitting in water, playing in it or drinking it fine but sitting in it while you read- who does that? Anyway my tactic was to ‘play’ with the toilet roll, I try to unravel as much as I can before I am told to stop. On Sunday I managed to put about two thirds of the roll on the floor before I needed to stop.

As you can see from my photo I am a blue tortoiseshell and white tabby Maine Coon, I am very proud of my looks and I think I am very photogenic.

Monday was a good day we sat in the garden nearly all day. I sat under the Buddleia tree mainly because it was in the shade but also because it is a great place to catch butterflies and birds.

Wednesday was a good day, I spent a lot of the day asleep on my bed beside the french doors, when it is raining I like to sleep beside the open door. A fox came into the garden so we shut the door and I sat on my housemate’s lap. I have a cosy lap mat and I sat and had a cuddle for almost three hours, I purred for most of it even though I was asleep.

On Thursday, I’m not sure what the occasion was, but the ironing was done for the first time for a couple of months. That did not surprise me as much as my housemate taking all my fur off her clothes as she ironed them. I will now have to go back to waiting until she is in the shower and rubbing myself over the clothes she has left out for the day. My feeling is ‘why have a cat if you don’t tell everyone?’ It is one thing to tell people you have a cat but wearing their fur on your clothes is like a badge of honour for all cat owners.

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