I have been watching people around me and I think that cats have it sussed. I have noticed that people worry about too many things, which seems to lead to grey hair, wrinkles, and moaning. It is hard to understand why they let themselves get so worked up, after all where can worrying get you?

So you sit and fret, I cannot see the gain, I would much rather think about mice, birds, spiders, moths and daddy-long-legs. I have recently learnt that butterflies do not taste nice so they do not figure in my dreams at the moment. 

I suppose there are two options, you can worry about life and think about everything that can go wrong  a list which could go on forever, all you need is an active imagination and some spare time. If you ask anyone “What is wrong with your life?” They will find plenty of things to say ( some people love the sound of their own voice so they will have an endless list) and they will feel pretty low.

If you approach life like a cat, you would ask ” hey what’s new? , this would bring a completely different list. Straight away you are thinking about a window that was left open, a bird who was too busy finding a worm to notice you were there and a warm summer bringing plenty of flies.

It is hard to feel stressed when the world is full of comfortable beds, insects and animals to chase and Whiska’s treats. My biggest worry at the moment are fur-balls and luckily there are Whiska’s treats which help to get rid of them. Maybe humans needs to accept that sometimes a treat is better than a worry, my housemate usually gets chocolate out when she is feeling stressed. We have gone through a lot of chocolate lately, I have tried giving her mice and birds to chase but she seems to prefer a trip to the fridge.

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