week of 14th August 2011

The week started well but I should have read the signs, we played on Sunday and had a nice relaxing time and then on Monday we tidied the house up.

There were lots of paper and books lying around and they were all put away and I helped use this great toy called a Turbo Snake which we used to clean the drain in the bathroom sink. I found it hard to fit in the sink but with determination I managed.

On Tuesday my housemate left home early, I thought that maybe she had gone back to work- I wish! Instead she came home with a kitten. He is good looking and it seems he is a cousin or nephew of mine but I don’t really like him. It’s nothing personal it is just that I was not expecting to share my home or my housemate.         

    Here he is in my house, I have not hit him but I have growled at him when he gets too close just to let him know that he had better not start a fight, I am not amused.

He has the living room and I have the rest of the house, I can also go outside but he cannot so I think we will be okay.

On Friday he had my housemate’s bedroom and I had the rest of the house which was much better as I had all my toys and he could not get me. On Friday evening the girls came to play so Marley was allowed out of the bedroom. He played with the girls and I watched, it looks like his legs are too long for him because he does not know how to control them. Everything went well until I went into the kitchen to eat my dinner. He ran at me and tried to shove me out the way so I stood up and threatened to box his ears and he ran off, I think that showed him who was boss without anybody getting hurt.

On Friday night he had the living room and I had my bedroom back so I made the most of a night of cuddles. He does not look as scary now, he just looks playful so I might get used to him.

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