week of 28th August 2011

Today I realised that this kitten is here to stay and I am not sure how I feel about it. I am still getting attention from my housemate but when she is in the shower I like to sit on the toilet seat and chat to her, but now he wants to be in the bathroom as well. My stories do not sound as funny when I have to growl each time he gets too close to her. On Sunday when she was in the shower it looked like he was going to jump in so I sat very quiet waiting to see him get soaked.

Unfortunately he is a bit of a scaredy cat and he did not jump in, I was a bit disappointed, I thought he would have at least got his head wet.  It was raining outside so I have spent more time inside today, but I slept on my housemate’s bed and he had to make do with underneath it.

On Sunday evening he would not take a telling, I warned him a couple of times but he still ran at me so I hit his ears. I am not an aggressive cat but he was really annoying, after that he knew to keep his distance. I sat in the window whilst he played with my toys, I was really wanting to join in but that would have wasted the warning I gave him. I think he knows I am boss but I do not trust him, you know what they say ‘never trust a smiling cat’ and he is far too cute to trust.

This week has had its ups and downs, this kitten keeps coming back for more so I think I might have to get a bit firmer with him. He keeps trying to jump on my head so I have to hit his backend, he then looks all apologetic and cute and I think he has taken notice. I then wash my face and he does it again.

One good thing is that although he is leggy he cannot get up very high so I can still out jump him. I also have my housemate’s bed all night so I get lots of cuddles. On Thursday morning I woke her up at 4:30 am for a cuddle, then I washed her face, neck and arm and I suddenly realised why my housemate has a bath.

I used to think that she was being silly, I have been in the bath a few times now- unintentionally of course when she is in the bath and I am talking to her, but I have never understood why she does not just lick herself clean. Now I realise that it would take all day and leave her no time to feed me, cuddle me and play with me so from now on I will not worry about her bath. I did rub it in a bit though by washing myself from top to toe before going back to sleep.

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