week of 31st july 2011

On Sunday we watched Formula 1 and I really thought Lewis Hamilton was on a roll, but maybe after the break he will come strong again. We were lying on the couch and knew I would have a couple of hours of cuddling without interruption so I made the most of it. The phone rang once but my housemate did not have to move to answer it so I carried on with my wash.

We had a wee girl a staying on Monday night so we slept in the back bedroom with her, I could not jump onto the top bunk bed because the curtains were closed and I need to jump from the window ledge. My housemate did not want her niece to wake up so it did not have to cry very much to ask her to open the curtains for me. I like the top bunk bed because it has lots of junk lying around for me to play with and a very comfortable, furry cat bed paced ideally for me to watch my garden. 

On Tuesday night we played with quite a few of my toys until we were exhausted so we went to bed early, we were in bed for midnight. Since we have had people in I needed more cuddles than usual so I woke my housemate up a few times during the night to make sure she still loves me the best and everything is just as it should be. I ask for a cuddle and I get it, then we have breakfast and my housemate has a cereal with chocolate in it so I drink the milk out of it when she is done, life is good.

On Wednesday I almost caught my first wood pigeon, I was so close I could not believe it got away I had one paw holding it down but it managed to fly away. Now that I know it is possible I have a new goal, I bet my housemate would be so proud of me so I will keep trying.

On Thursday night I found it too warm to sleep so I woke my house mate up a few times for a cuddle, it made the night do much faster. On Friday night my housemate went for a bath and usually I leave her razor alone because it looks sharp, but this evening she left the handle on the side of the bath with no blade on it. Well it looked inviting so I picked it up in my teeth and made a run for it, I expected her to jump out of the bath to get it back but nothing happened, I think the wine and the music relaxed her too much. I just went back to the bathroom and pretended that nothing had happened. I got my usual cuddle, so I think she can see the benefits of a nice fur coat, who needs a razor?

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