week of 7th August 2011

This has been a quiet week for hunting so far, I have only managed a few moths and flies, nothing to write home about, as they say. Last week I was great, I was kept really busy, especially with mice.

On Monday evening we built a new cat tree for the opposite corner of the room, I still prefer the one I have had since I was a kitten. The tree came in a lovely big box which tasted great. I usually like to follow my housemate around the house to see what she is doing but with such a cool box I decided to hide in it so I could jump out on my housemate.

She was upstairs for almost 15mins I could hardly contain myself because I wanted to run up the stairs but I waited it out and it was well worth it. I gave a little cry as I jumped out and it had the desired effect.

I have now taken over the middle of the bed, it means that I have plenty of room to stretch out all night. I also get a cuddle whenever I want one all I have to do is help my housemate wake up and start purring and I get all the fuss I want.

I have decided that I quite like the new cat tree tree, it is a   for me but that is no reason not to sleep on it. I think it is perhaps meant for an ordinary cats, I have heard that Maine Coons are bigger. Last year I was the same size as he other cats around here, but this year I am definitely bigger than them so I do not need to run off now.

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