week of 11th September 2011

The kitten is still here, I think he has moved in for good but it is not too bad. I have my housemate all night, we sleep together whilst he is in the living room with most of the toys.

My housemate stayed out on Saturday and for the first time in my life I had a night by myself. She did not tell me she was staying out so I did not have time to plan a party but I did get plenty of rest.

She must have had a busy weekend because it was difficult to wake her up at 4am on Monday morning. Usually licking her face is enough but on Monday I had to sit on her head and hit her nose.

On Tuesday morning I helped my housemate to open her birthday presents and I took the wrapping paper and the string for a tumble around the kitchen floor. although it was her birthday I was given a new bed today so I spent some time on it in the living room window.

The kitten thinks that he is quick and clever but I have now realised that rather than wait for him to jump on me I growl and run towards him and then I don’t even need to get my claws out.

On Thursday morning when my housemate was in the shower I decided to try a trick I saw her niece do- I Rapunzelled the toilet roll, you know the one? Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair. My housemate had just covered her hair with shampoo so I knew she could do nothing until I had finished.

We then went outside and cut the grass, my housemate knows that I do not like walking on the grass when it is long and wet. The lawn mower was not very good at picking up the grass so I rolled around in it to show her where the grass was still lying. I do all these things with such a cute look that I get away with it. I noticed the manic kitten watching us from the bedroom window so I went over to my housemate for a cuddle, I thought I would show him that if he slowed down a bit he might be allowed outside as well.

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