week of 18th September 2011

The rain came back so I have spent more time at home but thankfully the kitten has spent his time in the living room. He is very greedy and cheeky, he looks for my food and eats it at every chance. I am allowed on the kitchen worktops to eat now and as I munch I sit and watch him drooling after my food, sometimes I enjoy a little growl just to warn him.

On Monday my housemate came back up to bed to read so we slept and played just like we did in the good old days before Marley imposed himself. He has a cute face but he keeps running at me, it feels like I am in a Tom and Jerry cartoon, only instead of a tricky mouse I have a tricky kitten to deal with, At least with the mice I know I am going to win and eventually mice throw the towel in, but this kitten just won’t listen.

I have chased him all around the house and he still comes back for more, now I like playing just as mush as anyone else, perhaps more than most but Marley keeps trying to jump on my head. I caught a mouse in the garden on Friday evening but I chased it around the grass because I did not want to take it in and share it. Marley is not allowed outside yet so he cannot catch his own mouse.

I felt quite cold on Friday night so I slept under the duvet with my housemate, it was very cosy but after a couple of hours I found it a bit too warm, so I went back on top of the covers and we watched the rugby- the All Blacks are some team I think I will put money on them to win.

On Saturday evening I came in expecting to be able to go to bed early but the kitten wanted my dinner, I had to teach him a lesson so I chased him around the bedroom. He ran under the bed but I was not going to fall for his tricks so I jumped on the bed. He was too nosey to stay hidden and when he came out to look for me I jumped on him hissing and growling and he went back under the bed so fast he almost burnt the carpet. He was very sheepish after that so I sat in the window and had a thorough wash whilst he fell asleep on the bed.

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