week of 25th September 2011

The kitten will have to learn some manners, we were both fed on Sunday evening, I was in the bedroom window and he was in the living room. He must have been very quick at eating because he rushed upstairs and tried to eat mine. I clipped his ears but he still put his face in my food, that is just not good etiquette. Although I suppose since we are both cats and this was about food I suppose I should say it is not good ate-i- cat.

I know he had a plate of food so he was not hungry, if he had been starving it would have been different, I still would not have let him eat my dinner but I would not have been as angry.  On Monday night we had quite a spat, he kept running at me with his paws in the air. I spent my time spanking him until my housemate picked him up by the back of the neck and took him downstairs. This is what I need to put up with:-

We then went for a bath, quite like old times, I sat on the edge of the bath and chatted and purred whilst my housemate read. I like it is when it is just the two of us.

On Wednesday and Thursday I spent more time indoors, which meant Marley following me about. He thinks he is clever but he gives himself away by wriggling his back end just before he pounces, he also does a flying squirrel impersonation. He jumps with his front paws pointing skywards but his aim is always a bit short so I just yammer and hit him.

Both Marley and I are entered into the Maine Coon Cat Nation competition, please feel free to vote for us you will see our pictures on this page

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