week of 4th September 2011

The rain is here so I am spendingĀ  more time in the house again, I was enjoying being out during the day to get away from the kitten. Now I have to put up with him looking at me and waiting for a chance to pounce. Luckily he is still small and leggy so he is easily beaten, there are also lots of places that I can go and he cannot.

I have also worked out that just before he is about to pounce he wiggles his back-end so I wait for him to start his wiggle and then I jump at him, crying as I do. It scares him to bits and he runs away.

If he sits still I let him look at me but I know he is just waiting for his moment so I do not relax when he is near. Luckily he gets shut in the living room and my housemate either sits with him or comes upstairs with me.

My housemate and IĀ still cuddle and play at about 5am so I know I am still the boss and that I am loved so there is hope.

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