week of 16th October 2011

We have been busy this week with a belated spring clean, when my housemate first started tidying up her bedroom I was worried in case she had entered a reality TV show like Come Dine with Me but I always check the mail that comes in and I would have remembered such a letter or email.

The room has collected a lot of clutter over the last few months and a lot of things went into bin bags, some went in the bin and some went off to a charity shop. Once her room was clean the hoover came out but it decided that now the room looked bigger it was not in the mood to work. I was glad because it is noisy and I would have had to retreat to my room.

On day two we started on my ‘daytime’ bedroom- we share my housemate’s room at night time. My housemate bought a new vacuum cleaner which is not as noisy so I helped with all the tasks and did not have to hide. Every so often the kitten was allowed to help but each time he ran at me he was put back downstairs and by late afternoon we both sat on my housemate’s bed and were given some treats.

Unfortunately the next day he still wanted to run at me, I haveĀ  a sore throat from growling at him but luckily the top bunk bed has been cleared of all the clutter so I can sleep up there in peace. There are times when we can tolerate each other, in this picture you might think I am being very trusting of the little menace. The true picture is the knee you can see belongs to my housemate and I trust her to protect me, but just in case I am watching him closely in the mirror that is right in front of me. He is too busy posing for the camera to know that I am keeping a close eye on him.

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