week of 23rd October 2011

So much rain, where does it all come from? It is quite relaxing to watch it from inside the window but I get fed up being so wet when I go to patrol the area. The only good thing is that wet grass attracts birds and they make for a good game. They are so busy looking for worms that they forget that sometimes a cat does like to hunt in the rain. As a Maine Coon my coat is excellent against the weather, the top of it seems to act like a waterproof cover, keeping me nice and warm.

On Monday it was dry in the afternoon so I sat on the shed roof for quite a while, I have a good view of my garden, the bushes and more importantly any mice that are trespassing. I was not in the mood to catch anything it was more about watching, chasing and playing and since the grass was wet I took the mouse onto the patio to play with. It did not last very long before it nodded off so I left it to sleep and decided to go in and eat a proper meal.

I thought that the kitten had learnt to calm down but on Wednesday my housemate went back to bed and she let him have the run of the house- and run he did, every time I turned my back on him he ran at me, but not just me he also jumped on my housemate’s head whilst she tried to sleep so I was really pleased when she picked him up and put him back in the living room.

We then settled down for a sleep in the bed, just like the good old days, I like a cosy cuddle in the afternoon, so the rest of the week was good because we had done a lot of cuddling.

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