week of 2nd October 2011

The rain is hampering my hunting, it is as if the mice don’t need to eat in the rain and when the grass is wet the birds can hear me coming even though I do not have a bell. The wet grass also gets my fur very wet and tangled, I have been brushed three times in as many days and I am not happy about it.

The kitten still thinks that he is cute and has not learnt his lesson yet, each time he runs at me I run at him and take a swipe. I have perfected a deep growl which even scares me at times.

For the last year I have been ‘asked’ not to go on to the bookcase, I think this is because it is very high and it is difficult to get back down, but now there is a clear space and I have a blanket up there. I think it is to give me somewhere even higher to sleep but it might be a booby trap for the kitten, maybe my housemate wants him to go up there and then get stuck. It would save her having to have him sit on her knee- which he does  a bit too often for my liking.

On Wednesday it rained again all day, when I have finished writing my diary today I think I will browse on line to see if I can get cat welly boots. If no one has designed them yet I will sit down with my drawing tablet and see what I can come up with. I think I would want the same on all four paws but maybe each one could have a different colour mouse on it.

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