week of 9th October 2011

I had no luck finding cat welly boots so I am going to try and design my own, I tried a cardboard box out but it was only really good for sleeping in, so that is what I did. I have settled to the idea that the kitten is here to stay so I just come in and when he moves towards me I growl and chase him until he goes back downstairs. If that does not work my housemate distracts him with the laser pen and puts him downstairs.

The only thing about this is that he spends a lot of time on my housemate’s knee, so I figure she must like that ‘cute’ stuff that he does. I figured I could be cute too so I did the Rapunzel trick again unrolling┬áthe toilet roll, she laughed at me and had three attempts to stop me before she took the toilet roll out of its holder and then sat back in the bath.

On Wednesday the kitten decided to calm down and we both fell asleep in the bedroom, it was all right but I had to keep opening one eye to make sure he did not move. My housemate then put him downstairs and I helped her sew buttons on a shirt, we did a great job together although I nearly chewed one of the buttons, which was not good idea.

On Friday Marley kept chasing me, every time I growled and chased him back he crouched down on the floor but as soon as I turned around he ran at me and tried to jump on my head. I was so relieved when my housemate distracted him again with the laser pen and shut him in the living room. He cried for a while but we had a cuddle upstairs and went to sleep once he was quiet.

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