week of the 30th October 2011

My housemate was up early for a Sunday to watch F1 and she was sitting on the couch with the kitten on her knee when I looked in the french doors. They looked very comfy so I cried at the living room door and I was allowed in. I do not go in their very often now because the kitten keeps running at me and that is exactly what he did but thankfully my housemate came up the stairs with me and left him in the living room. As a Maine Coon act I am not supposed to be territorial but then as a Miane Coon kitten he is not supposed to be aggressive so I guess that makes it even.

I felt quite good about it because instead of watching the F1 in HD on a 32 inch screen my housemate watched it upstairs with me on a 19 inch screen. The result was the same but I got the cuddle instead of the kitten. I then went back out to play whilst it was dry. I do not think that he knows that I keep a diary, if he did I think he would show me more respect.

On Sunday night he was allowed to roam around the house, he ran past me on the stairs but he did not jump on me, however I still took a swipe at him as he ran past and I did a lot of growling until he fell asleep under the bed. I then went to bed on the window ledge and did not sleep on the bed until he went back downstairs at 4am. I let my housemate know that I needed attention and affection before she went back to sleep.

I thought everything was getting better since the kitten seemed to show me respect but no such luck, he ran at me on Monday and Tuesday and was put back in the living room whilst my housemate spent time upstairs with me. We tidied the bathroom and I helped her wash the bath, I did get quite wet but then I sat on her knee and I was dry in no time.

On Thursday my housemate was working upstairs on the computer, she was using the printer, I find it a strange machine. As the paper goes in it does not take much to stop it and then it makes a funny noise and I have to climb off the printer whilst my housemate pulls the paper back out. I was hardly able to get a mouthful of paper each time before it all became jammed, I chose to chew the paper that came out the printer instead it was much easier to play with.

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