week of 13th November 2011

Sunday started with a lot of excitement, my flap opens 6am and I like to check my garden first thing even though it is still dark at 6. Within seconds the neighbour’s dogs started barking, they are lurchers and like the sound of their own voice. A fox then came running up the garden towards me and I just made it through the flap in time. The fox then tried to come in as well and luckily my housemate heard the noise and came downstairs. I ran upstairs and she ran outside and chased the fox off. The dogs carried on barking and after about 15 minutes the neighbour came out to tell them to stop.

I have had a few chases over the last couple of days and a trip to the vet so I decided that I had earned a good rest and spent most of the day in my bed. My housemate had another look on line at fox deterrents and repellents but a lot seem to try and keep cats away as well. I think while the fox is chasing me it is not going to be put off by a scent or a noise so it looks like I will just have to stay alert.

My housemate has fitted a security light, I think she is hoping that it surprises the fox so that I get a head start. The hunting is better in the dark so I will probably still venture out in the evening but I spend all night at home because it is safer.

On Tuesday I settled myself on my housemate’s clothes whilst she was in the shower, usually I just rub my hair all over them and then leave them alone. This time, however, I was very comfortable on her jeans so I stayed put. I was very pleased when she went to the wardrobe and found herself another pair and I stayed on my new bed.

On Wednesday night the dogs were noisy and barked quite a lot so we had a late night and a long lie in, I was happy when my housemate fetched us both breakfast in bed. We did not move until we finished watching the Wright Stuff, I was not really listening but I enjoyed the cuddle and pretended to be interested, every so often. People seem to be very concerned about what other people think, it is no surprise that stress levels are getting higher. I prefer to worry about me and mine, I am concerned about what the kitten gets up to because he thinks he can lie in my bed when I am out and I care about being chased but I do not care what any one else thinks of me, as long as my housemate loves me there is no need to stress.

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