week of 20th November 2011

Sunday was a lazy day and then we set about some housework, I helped with the dusting, assisted with washing the kitchen surfaces and even helped to clean out the bath but I hid when the vacuum cleaner came out. I do not mind the hair dryer but anything louder has me running under the bed.

On Monday Marley was taken out in the pet carrier but I still did not want to go near the living room, it smells of him so I would rather sleep in my room, on my double bed. That way I can stretch out and I can smell him coming upstairs and can get a head start.

Wednesday was a strange day, it seems that my housemate has started working again. I checked the cupboards and there is still plenty of cat food so I do not why she has taken up employment again. I thought we had an understanding, she sat and watched the TV or played on the computer and we got fed and cuddled when ever we wanted. This job carry on has mucked up my routines.

I have been fed in the morning so by lunch time I am eating stale food, it really is not on. I notice he has a big contraption that opens on a timer so he gets to eat at certain times of the day. That must be because he is such a hefty beast, he is 6 months old but already heavier than me. I am 4.8kg and he is 5.5kg, and he still has a lot of growing to go, help!!! Maine coon males can grow very big and his paws are massive so I think I had better start laying down the law whilst I am still taller than him.

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