week of 27th November 2011

Sunday was a good day, we had breakfast in bed,  I ate mine on the floor in the bedroom and then drank the milk from my housemate’s cereal in bed. So I can truthfully say I had breakfast in bed, which is what Sundays are for. We then played for quite a while, I am a Maine Coon and we are very playful, we had real fun and then we went back to sleep. We have not had a Sunday like this for ages, we woke up refreshed and we had a clear out, tidying up and putting things away.

I was very glad to set the pet carrier get put back up in the loft, we have both had a trip to the vet over the last couple of weeks but now the carrier is away I can relax again. We went for a bath and I needed a cuddle so I sat beside the bath to get my ears and chin scratched. I decided to sit on the edge of the bath for a more intense scratch, unfortunately I forgot where I was and fell in the bath. My housemate tried to save me by lifting her legs and judging by the amount of skin under my claws I think I left my mark.

My legs, tail and stomach were soaking, I really do not understand why anyone would want to lie in water, let alone lie and read, people are weird!!!

On Wednesday my housemate had a day off so we had a long lie and then played with some toys, everything was brilliant,except for the barking dogs next door and the kitten crying downstairs. I decided to go out to see how much of the garden was left after all the rain and to see if the mice were coming out to play.

On Saturday the rainfall was back to a bearable level and I went out hunting, I do not really like crawling through the wet grass, it messes up my fur, however is is almost impossible to hunt these days without getting wet. I managed to catch a bird but then the rain got heavier so I decided to take it home to play with. I have not taken any pets home since the kitten moved in, I think he would expect to share. Luckily he was in the living room so I just took all the feathers off the bird myself. I don’t know if you have ever seen a naked bird but it is not very pretty and not very playful so I just ate my cat food. 

When I looked around the kitchen I saw the mess that my housemate would have to clean up, she was upstairs getting ready, so I went to her room and cried and purred and let her cuddle me. I knew if I was friendly she would not tell me off when she saw the mess, after all it is just natural cat play.

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