week of 6th November 2011

Most Maine Coon cats are probably indoor cats so they would not have been very worried about the fireworks that were been set off over the weekend. I was glad on Sunday when the noise stopped so that I could go out in the garden without being frightened. I had two very early nights, followed by two very early mornings.

On Sunday I tried to wake my housemate up at 6am, I had been in for over twelve hours and I am not a fan of the litter tray. I tried knocking everything off of the bedside table, including the phone but all I got was a cuddle. I then tried standing on her, climbing under the covers and biting her feet and jumping on her but still only a cuddle. I had to resort to sitting on her face and licking her shoulders, she then got the message that I needed to go out.

I was back in by 7:30am because it was raining and since I was wet anyway I jumped in the shower with her and gave her a wee fright. I actually wanted to drink some water from the plug hole but it was too soapy so I jumped into the hand basin instead and waited until she put some cold water in it.

The kitten has not spent much time upstairs so I have been able to sleep in peace and play with my toys, on Wednesday morning I took my Kickeroo downstairs and played outside the living room door with it. He cried a lot but could not come out to play, he threw a mouse out under the door but I just ignored it and ran back upstairs.

On Wednesday and Thursday evenings the kitten was allowed upstairs, on Wednesday he behaved himself and just played with the toys and fell asleep under the bed. I was nervous at first but then went to sleep on top of the bookcase, knowing that he could not reach me. On Thursday it started well, we were both in the bedroom and were given treats to eat, however, he then becameĀ a total pain and kept chasing me so my housemate put him back downstairs.

On Friday I went outside for about ten minutes and then hid upstairs because I was chased by a black and white cat. I was taken to the vets in the afternoon, I thought it was because I was clingy and hangy but it turned out it was time for my annual booster. I thought I was having a bad day, the vet found the bite mark on the back of my head and cleaned it out but then I heard my housemate book the kitten in to be neutered and that cheered me up.

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