week of 11th December 2011

On Sunday my housemate got up earlier than usual so I decided that I would go back to bed and spread myself out, when she came into dry her hair I did not move over. I expected her to sit on the bed and make me move but she did not she went back out of the room. I found this intriguing and felt that I had to follow, I could not have her doing things without my help.

It turned out we were going to wrap Christmas presents, this was great, the paper tore a little bit too easily but it did not stop my fun. We finished the job when she came home, this was even more fun because the kitten was downstairs crying but then she let him out. She put the paper away first so he did not get to wrap presents but he still cramped my style none the less.

On Monday evening he was also given his freedom, so I growled at him and then sat in the bedroom window. I watched whilst he sat on the bed and washed and then got a cuddle, I called a few names under my breathe, I think they probably sounded like hissing. I wanted to be on the bed so I was very pleased when he decided to jump on my housemate’s head, then bite her legs and then jump all over her. It was nearly midnight and I wanted  to settle for the night but he would not sit still. Then my housemate got up and took him downstairs, by the time she came back upstairs I was on the bed and washing my face.

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