week of 18th December 2011

I was on my own all day Sunday, my housemate was out and the kitten was in the living room so I took up residence in the middle of the bed. I was in such a deep sleep I did not hear my housemate come home and she caught me sprawled out across the bed, showing my stomach off to the world. I must have looked cute because I got a really long cuddle before she even went down to check the kitten.

She was late home on Monday night, I had got hungry so I had caught a mouse but it did not taste nice so I left it on the kitchen floor and went back to the cat food. She brought home some new food, it was Applaws in a small dish, chicken with prawns it was lovely I cleaned the plate, which as a princess I do not do very often. Whilst I was still feeling full she let the kitten out but he left me alone so I just growled if he came too near so that he knew the rules. I did notice that if I ran away he ran after me so I stood my ground.

Tuesday and Wednesday were the same, and then Thursday I did not have to growl very much but that all changed on Friday. I thought I could just give him the silent treatment and he would go about his business (which seems to be running, jumping, pouncing and chewing) but on Friday I was sitting in the kitchen, I took my eye off him for a second and he pounced on me- and he is heavy. The Hollies got it wrong, he might be my brother but he is heavy! I ran upstairs but my housemate caught him and put him in the living room, she then opened the back door for me so that I could sit on the door may, I was able to get some fresh air without having to go out in the rain.

On Saturday we had guests over, the girls were playing in the living room so I watched them from outside. It was quite amusing, I managed to find a home made paper spider and sneaked it up the stairs to play with.

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