week of 25th December 2011

On Sunday we got our presents at 4am, I got a new toy with a ball trapped inside, my housemate was amused with me playing with it so I kept her entertained for about half an hour. Of course, I knew all along that the ball would not come out but I pretended to be fooled by it. Somehow people who make cat toys think we just want to chase anything that moves, so we have to play along to please our housemates, luckily it becomes fun after a while. We then played with the feathers on a stick, that one keeps me amused too so we both went to sleep content.

The phone went at 6:40 am so she returned the text and fed me and the kitten and then we had breakfast in bed- the kitten stayed in the living room. The TV was rubbish so we watched Tom Hanks in Philadelphia, it is the only film that we watch over (and over) again. We then went back to sleep for about an hour but the dogs were barking and that woke my housemate up. In fact the dogs barked all day and did not give it a rest until 2am.

On Monday morning I decided to help myself  to my housemates breakfast, I did not fancy the fish flavoured food I had been given, I thought I would eat the cereal with the strawberries in it. Usually I wait until she has finished it and I drink the milk but sometimes you just have to seize the moment.

Each night the kitten has been let out to roam the house and I have really told him who’s boss. I have growled and hissed and chased him around the house. He cowers done and pretends to give in but if I take my eye off him he jumps on me. I am happy enough at first but then he starts to annoy me and I jump onto the window ledge and guard my territory.

On Saturday morning I chased him around the house whilst my housemate was in the shower but he tried to bite my tail when I was sitting on the toilet seat so my housemate put him downstairs. We then washed the bathroom together, it is hard to hang onto someone’s arm whilst they wipe a cloth over the bath. I kept slipping over but I did not give in until we had finished.

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