week of 4th December 2011

The weather turned cold on Sunday, we had snow and although I am a Maine Coon and made for cold weather I decided I would rather get snuggled in bed. Monday was even worse, thick snow and ice so there was not much chance of catching any mice or birds, but I went out to check the garden at 6:30am because I could hear the dogs barking. My latest safety move is to stay on the decking behind the railing so if a fox comes in the garden I can get back in the flap before the fox can get me.

On Tuesday morning we played with a few toys before my housemate when off to work, I like practicing my hunting skills. When she came home from work I had a lovely cuddle on the bed, but then some how we went from a lovely cuddle to a not so great brush and then she found a┬áknot, I really do not like getting brushed when there is a knot, so I cried and tried my ‘yelp that hurts’ even though it does not. Then the scissors came out, not that great because she is not symmetrical when cutting but it is quicker than brushing.

On Wednesday night I went for my cuddle whilst she was in the bath, only this time I stayed with all four feet on the floor. This is now my preferred cuddle place and I have been back each night. I get a very intense cuddle and she does not brush me, so once again I win. Some might say where there’s a will there’s a way, but I say cats always win.

To further prove this point, on Saturday my housemate proved more difficult than usual, I don’t go for that unseemly crying I am more subtle. I sit on her, knock things off the bedside cabinet, play with a very noise ball toy- you know the stuff? But none of these thing worked so to ensure I got my way, I sat on the pillow and flicked my tail at her nose until she woke up. I then went out to check my garden and came back i for breakfast, as Hannibal from the A team used to say ‘ I like it when a plan comes together’

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