1st January 2012

Happy New Year to everyone, Marley and I saw it in with cat milk we had a truce for a couple of days but it did not last long. I gave him  the benefit of the doubt and he chilled out, but then he tried to bite my tail so I had to chase him. I almost scared myself with the growling and hissing noises I made.

On Monday we had breakfast in bed, the dogs woke us up during the night again so we cuddled until 6am and then my housemate went to feed us all. I ate my breakfast on the floor but when I had eaten enough I jumped up on the bed and helped myself to my housemate’s cereal. Usually I sit patiently until she has finished, she leaves me bits of strawberry and milk but on Monday I decided I did not want to wait. She must have been in a good mood because she just gave me the plate and I ate some cereal, drank the milk and then curled up back to sleep.

On Tuesday she let the kitten back out but I saw him first and ran upstairs onto my window ledge and just growled at him until he lost interest and went back downstairs. It was very wet and windy so I did not go out much. Something strange is going on, my housemate has put some clothes in a big bag and the cat carrier is out of the loft. I feel uneasy about this so I am staying close by her side.

We cleaned the kitchen together, for some reason she also did some ironing and it was not a Saturday. I popped outside at this point as I do not understand her rules, it is okay to sit on the clothes before they are ironed but apparently once they are warm and snugly I am not allowed to sit on them. I watched at the window in case she relaxed the rules for the kitten, but there were no worries because I still cannot jump onto the kitchen surfaces. For a Maine Coon he is a bit disappointing sometimes.

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