4th to 22nd January 2012

I will write this for continuity but I do not want to dwell on it. On the 4th the boy and I were taken to a cattery, I did not know such places exist- no laptop, no wi-fi, no freedom who could have dreamt up such a place?

My housemate said she was coming back so I thought she meant in a couple of hours, but it turned out to be for a couple of weeks. It took a while to settle and there were other cats in other runs- none of them could touch me so that was okay.

It was not an unpleasant experience but I do not want to go into details, least said, quickest mended and all that stuff.

The food and the people were fine and we had some of our toys and our own bedding but I was really pleased when I saw my housemate. She took me out first and I had a long cuddle, Marley was allowed out too but I growled at him when he came near so he only had a quick cuddle and then he went off to explore and sniff.

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