week of 23rd January

I was so pleased to be home, even the barking dogs next door did not upset me. Before going to the cattery I had let the upstart have the living room so that I could have the rest of the house but I decided that I wanted to be with my housemate so the whole house is mine again.

We both wanted a cuddle and we both wanted to be with my housemate so he had to learn to cool his little jets. It was okay when I was watching him but if I turned away he would jump on me so I had to box his ears a few times. I made sure that I was closest to my housemate although luckily we could sit either side of her and both get a cuddle. I can not purr as loud as he can but my face showed that I was in heaven.

I decided that it was time to take my cat tree back, I could see he was not happy about it so now he knows how I felt when he claimed it from me. I sat on the highest ledge and each time he came towards me I could slap his head, he eventually gave in and sat on my housemate’s knee. That was not part of my plan so I sat on the back of the couch wrapped around her neck.

This meant I had a great view as she loaded her photos on to the laptop. From the pictures it looks as if she abandoned us to go to China. Since she came back with presents, cuddles and love I will forgive her but my nose is out of joint as my picture is no longer her wallpaper on the desk top it is now some Chinese lake in the rain- she will get over it I am sure.

At bath time we both wanted to be in the bathroom but I sat on the toilet lid and he made do with the floor. We then went to bed and I was disappointed that he was not shut in the living room but it was short lived, he wanted to jump on my housemate’s head whilst we listened to some relaxing Chinese Pipa music so he was taken downstairs after a while.

I had my housemate and the bed to myself and since I consider myself to have been neglected I woke my housemate up every couple of hours for a cuddle and luckily for her she obliged and I only had to lick her face once. We got up at 6:30 am so that I could check out my garden, it was snowing so I only stayed out for a few minutes. Now the three of us are sitting on the bed, show off is purring extra loud again but I can live with that.

On Tuesday evening I stayed in the living room, I like having my room back although it does mean that the kitten thinks he can jump on me every now and then. We all went upstairs at bath time again, it looks as if we can all live together after all. I had to share the bed with him but it was okay, I slept on the pillow beside my housemate and he slept on her legs but then not long after midnight he decided to jump on us both.

I was ready to give him a doing but my housemate took him downstairs, thankfully she came back to bed without him.

It rained a lot on Wednesday so I was either on the back of the couch or on my housemate’s knee, he slept beside her and then we both played with toys. Life is looking pretty good again. I discovered a new game, I sit on the cat tree and pretend that I cannot see him, he slowly gets closer and then sits below me hoping to hit my tail. I wait for him to get close enough and then I take a swipe at his head whilst hissing and growling, he runs a mile every time.

In turn he spawls along either the top or bottom stair thinking that he is blocking my way, I pretend to go to the kitchen so he races a head and then I make for upstairs and find a high place to sit. He still jumps on my head when he can but I make sure that I get a few good slaps in.

On Saturday the girls came home with my housemate, they are getting older now and are calmer so I shared the living room with them. I showed them my trick of getting him close enough so that I can spin around and give him a slap. About an hour later I was eating my dinner in the kitchen when he tried to get his own back and block my route out of the room. He gave me a fright because I thought he was upstairs but I smelled victory, I turned on him and made the loudest noises I could manage and as he stared at me stunned I hit him around the head and knocked him over just long enough for me to get a head start up the stairs. I pretended I was cool but inside I was shaking. My housemate followed me upstairs made sure I was all right  and then checked on the upstart.

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