week of 29th January 2012

Sunday was a good day, the children were still here so the upstart was too nosey to bother about me. Admittedly it is interesting to watch them and they do tend to drop food so I can see why he was busy. Personally I do not pick up other people’s scraps but I am proud Maine Coon cat not a greedy kitten.

I sneaked upstairs under the bed in the back bedroom, I heard my housemate outside shouting on me but I felt too safe and clever to show my new hiding place. The silly kitten came in the room a few times, I could smell him but he had no idea where I was.

On Sunday night my housemate decided to let him have the run of the house too, I was asleep on her bed but he jumped on her head and woke me up. I growled and hit his head and then jumped into the bedroom window. He curled up on the bed and fell asleep so I made do with the window. Then at 5am he jumped on my housemate’s head again, this time he sat on her head and waited to see what would happen. She gently picked him up and gave him a cuddle, I wanted to box his ears and told her so, but then she carried him down the stairs and shut him in the living room.

By the time she was upstairs I was on the bed washing my face and just gave a very casual look which said “could have told you that would happen” but she gave me a cuddle so I forgave her. On Monday we shared the living room and my housemate, we have our positions now, I am on the back of the couch, my housemate sits with her back to me and the kitten sits beside her. I like order and routine and this does it for me.

On Tuesday my housemate had some kind of sniffing and coughing going on and she could not speak very well so she curled up on the couch with a cover on. The kitten slept on her and I slept on the back of the couch, we all fell asleep and life was looking good but then the dogs started barking again and woke us all up. My housemate went out for a couple of hours and we had the house to ourselves.  He chased me for a bit but I am faster than him so he gave up, I went up on top of the book case and he slept under her bed.

Wednesday and Thursday involved chases, growling and hissing, sometimes the kitten will sit nicely and leave me alone but then he tries to jump on me and I almost frighten myself with the noises I make. When my housemate plays with us both at the same time everything seems cool, we play with our own toys we are given treats and he leaves me alone. He is only eight months old but he is bigger and heavier than me and his paws are massive. I will have to stand my ground while I still can so that he knows this is my house, but I am a bit of a scaredy cat and he is a big lump of cheek.

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