28th February 2012, Marley’s story

Muska is outside playing but I have just noticed that she has left the computer logged on, I do not need any second chances. I think I should have my opportunity to tell my side of the story.

I am a very cute, cuddly, sweet cat and to know me is to love me. Just look at my face, I really don’t know why Muska does not want to be friends. She runs up the stairs and I love to race her but all she does is growl. She sits in the window and I sit beside her, so what does she do? She growls.

I like to show how playful I am by jumping on her, yes you guessed it, she growls. I just don’t get it. If I behave myself we both gets treats so sometimes i try not to chase her or jump on her. But what can I say? Treats are nice but jumping and chasing are better. I am a Maine Coon, I am a gentle giant and I am good at jumping, I am playful and it goes without saying I am very clever. I love following my housemate around the house, the game we play is that what ever she is doing I have to touch it first. I am very helpful although I must admit my paws are rather large so I am not as good at the fiddly things.

I am very good at picking things up in my mouth, hiding things, playing with toys on the bed and eating. I love my food, which is probably why I weigh over 7Kg and I am only 9 months old. The females in the house thought they could out smart me by hiding Muska’s food on the kitchen worktop, they did not reckon on my amazing sense of smell and my long legs. I am not as keen on her food as I am on mine but it does not stop me eating it.

My favourite toy is the laser pen, the only thing I do not like about it though is that no matter where we start playing it we always seem to end the game in the living room. Quite often I end up in the living room and the laser and my housemate are in the hall and the door is shut. I am not sure how this happens, each time I think I will watch carefully but it always ends the same.

Muska came home last night so I had to stop typing, not because I am scared of her catching me but because I felt a chase come on. Muska ate her dinner first but then I chased her upstairs, my housemate came to and lifted me up so I had a cuddle on the bed whilst Muska sat at the end of the growling.

My housemate then had a bath, Muska sat on the toilet seat and I sat on the edge of the bath, I did not bother chasing because this usually ends up with me in the living room whilst they play upstairs. After the bath we all played, my housemate had two toys and we played with one each. I then could not help myself, Muska had the better toy, now mine squeaked and hers was just feathers on a string but anyway I took her toy and ran downstairs with it. They just laughed at me so I thought maybe they played a trick and wanted me to go downstairs so I hid the feathers and came back up and chased Muska.

She hit my nose and ran off before I could hit back so I hid under the bed. This worked until 1am when I got bored and jumped on my housemate’s head, I woke her up to play but all she did was put me in the living room and started the Go Go hamster. Never mind I was back out by 6:30am, Muska had gone out so we have eaten, played and had a shower. I will not be getting back in the bath again when the shower is on, my housemate seems to enjoy it but I am still wet- housemates are weird.

I will say good bye for now but now that I know the laptop can be mine too I will be back!!!!!

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