week of 12th February 2012

On Saturday night the dogs next door were very noisy which meant that my housemate was awake most of the night. The good thing was that we played for quite a long time, at first the three of us played but the kitten kept jumping on me so he was put downstairs.

I have noticed that when the kitten sees my housemate he stops jumping on me and if she is in the same room us he does not attack me as much but whenever it is just the two of us he leaps on me. To alert her to his sneakiness I have taken to screaming loudly the minute he jumps on me, I frighten him so he backs off but I also attract my housemate’s attention so she tells him off. I also scare myself but I won’t tell anyone about that.

I cut my paw on Sunday night so my housemate washed it for me, it start to bleed again on Monday so I was a bit worried that I might have to go to the vet. My housemate was out on Tuesday and I was shut in the house so I was very suspicious. When she came home she gave me lots of cuddles and then sneakily looked at my paw. Luckily it had not been bleeding and a day in bed was good for me, I stayed in by choice for the rest of the evening, I was enjoying the cuddles and attention.

I am enjoying being in the living room again, I have tried to take back my home but it seems to depend on Marley’s mood. He is a Maine Coon so he is supposed to be a gentle giant, it says so in all the books, but he ways a tonne so when he jumps on me he does not feel very gentle. The good thing is he knows he should not jump on me the bad thing is that on Friday morning I jumped up on the kitchen worktop to get away from him and for the first time he jumped up too.

I had to sprint up the stairs quickly and get up on top of the bookcase so he still lost.

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