week of 19th February 2012

On Sunday my housemate decided to paint my hallway, I was a bit disappointed that she did not ask my opinion about the colour but once she started painting I understood why she picked a colour so close to the kitten. He would have looked stupid with paint on his side and tail if it had been any other colour and we would have see his hair that was stuck to the wall.

I was happy watching from the outside kitchen window but then when I thought I could sneak in the kitten saw me and chased me upstairs. I have been running faster than him but I wanted to check the hall out so he managed to jump on my back. He was put in the living room and I had the whole house to myself, it was worth letting him catch me.

On Monday night I really needed a cuddle so I woke my housemate up at 2am for a cuddle, it took a bit of effort and I had to wash her face. We then played and she got up and fed me but I still wanted another cuddle so we did not go back to sleep until after 5am.

When the alarm went off at 7am I felt a little guilty, I had not realised that she was going to work, I did not feel guilty enough to get up until after the shower and hair drying had finished. I am a Maine Coon and I cannot help but be caring, cuddly and nosey but I need my sleep too so I waited on the bed until it was breakfast time.

Wednesday and Thursday we were left to our own devices whilst my housemate went out to earn the cat food and treats. The kitten cried when I played with my squeaky mouse on the stairs because he was shut in the living room.

On Friday night my housemate was late home and she must have felt a bit guilty because we both got new toys and cat treats and the kitten was allowed to run around the house all night. I clearly heard my housemate tell him that he was out on licence, the conditions being no jumping on either me or her. By four o’clock he had forgotten the rules and jumped all over my housemate’s head and took two toys on the bed to play with. He was given a warning I tried to tell her to take him downstairs but she reassured me everything would be fine and she went back to sleep.

The next minute the kitten was sitting in the window beside me, now I know he was not jumping on me but given space he would have. So I growled until my housemate woke up and she put him back in his room.

On Saturday morning she tried to play with us both at the same time, I could see what she was doing so I went along with it but the kitten jumped on me so he was put back in his room. She let him back out after a while but then she went up in the loft so he jumped on me again. He was grounded three times and then he calmed down so we both got treats and he got his freedom.

I am not sure how many chances he is going to get, I think she should ask for her money back because he does not seem to know the word ‘no’ and he is very cheeky. He regularly jumps out on my housemate and she does not seem to be scared of him but then she is bigger than him but that might not last long he is already 7Kg


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