week of 5th February 2012

On Sunday we were woken up early by the dogs so we played with the feathers on a string for quite some time. My housemate thinks that it looks like a bird so I keep her amused and have not told her that he has no head, wings or feet. Housemates are good company but they are not very bright. She went downstairs and fed the kitten and then brought our breakfast upstairs, when I had eaten my fill I decided to go and play outside.

I looked in the french doors at the kitten and he came running over to me, somehow he thought he could jump through the glass and leaped at me. He looked surprised that all he got was a sore nose, I hissed at him for good measure.

When I came back in the kitten was in the bedroom, he was playing with the laser pen so my housemate had me playing with the mouse on a stick. It is more realistic that the feathers and it squeaks when you hit it. The kitten is not very smart, he has not worked out that he can not catch the red dot so it is funny to watch him run around in circles. We then both had some treats and a cuddle so I decided I would take a walk downstairs. I had only gone two steps when he jumped on my back, my housemate stood up and he just rolled over and gave up.

I am not sure how that works, when I stand up he squares up to me so I need to learn the trick of getting him to submit- I will work on it. Monday was very similar in that we both played with toys, had some cuddles and some treats but the moment I walked away he jumped on me. I think we have just about every cat toy on the market.

We spent a lot of time on Tuesday and Wednesday sleeping on the couch, we can share when he wants to. I have claimed the cat trees back and all I have to do is get higher than him and then when he comes too close and tries to hit me I have the upper paw.

We had guests again on Thursday and Friday, which keeps the kitten busy and allows me the space to roam around the house. I am still a nervous wreck around him but I seem to be able passed him.

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