week of 11th March 2012

On Sunday we had an early start, my housemate and I did some housework. I think she just uses the cloth on the kitchen surface to get my attention, because I grab her arm and we clean a much bigger area when she uses me to clean the worktops rather than just the cloth.

The kitten who is now 16lbs in weight, is leaving me alone, sometimes, we can now sit in the same room but I never know when he wants to chase me. I am quick so I usually get away from him but on Monday he managed to get a mouthful on my chair. I was hoping it would cause an hairball.

I like to go downstairs during the night and play in the hallway with my toys, he is the other side of the door, shut in the living room, so I have total freedom. However on Tuesday and Wednesday nights he has been allowed out during the night. I have decided that he must be pretty silly because on both nights he has taken his toys on to my housemates bed and jumped all over her.

You would think that on the first night when he was lead downstairs and shut in his room he would have learnt his lesson, but on the second night he did exactly the same. I sleep in the bedroom window when he is out and about but as soon as he is on his way down the stairs I am on the bed waiting for my cuddle.

On Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning I noticed that my housemate had her heat pad on and she was lying on it, I was getting some heat from sitting on the duvet but it was not quite enough. So I slipped under the covers and claimed half of the heat pad (almost two thirds when I stretched out). The heat was lovely, I can see why my housemate uses it for her back.

She keeps the control under the pillow but I have been watching to see how to turn it on, I have managed to follow the wire and when I chew the wire the control comes out into view so it should not be long before I have a hot bed when my housemate is at work. 

On Thursday the kitten I slept in the same room during the evening, my housemate was reading and we were all very comfortable – until- the kitten decided I was too comfortable and he chased me and took a bite of my fur. He immediately ran upstairs so he knew he should not have done it.

I got cat treats and he got the evil eye, not strong enough in my opinion he should be shipped off to the vets and put on a diet. If he keeps growing i am going to have to sharpen my claws and take brave pills.

Friday night went just the same as the rest of the week, we all fell asleep, me and my housemate on out bed him underneath it. I could hear him snoring so I snuggled up and went to sleep. I was having a lovely dream about a bed made of Whiskas temptations that I where I could eat and sleep when he brought the feathers up on to the bed. I screamed for all I was worth and he ended up back in his bed. I was under the covers curled up on the heat pad before my housemate had his door shut. We did not share the heat pad because I just fit on it nicely, so I went back to my dream.

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