week of 18th March 2012

Sunday was a great day, my housemate was up early to watch the F1 so I managed to get out at 6am and did a spot of hunting before the mice had a chance to realise I was out and about. I managed to catch a mouse and I played with it for a while but then I got bored and left it lying in the grass.

The kitten went upstairs to sleep on the top bunk so I lay with my housemate on the couch, we were sitting comfortably when he came down to see us. I stood my ground and stayed where I was. He sat in front of the TV and watched the cars going around.

We spent the whole day together and he watched me a lot and came a bit too close but it looked as if he was learning. Then when my housemate was in the bath at 10pm he wanted to share the bathroom. Maine coon cats are supposed to like water, I like to drink it and I like to play with a dripping tap but the bath is just too much. At first I was going to remain on the toilet seat but then I thought I would go and get some dinner, halfway down the stairs he jumped on me.



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