week of 25th March 2012

What lovely hunting weather, the mice are coming out to get a tan and to be chased by me. It is great to run around without being chased by the kitten, although it is stretching the meaning of the word ‘kitten’ since he is huge.

On Monday night I jumped out of the flap just before 8:30pm so that I could practice my hunting as it got dark. I tried to get back in but the huge kitten blocked my way back in. My housemate did not notice that I was not in until 3:50am and she moved him away from the flap.

I am always home before 11:30pm, but on the very odd occasion I stay out until midnight so I am really not sure how my housemate did not notice. She gave me cuddles, dinner and treats and said that she missed me but that did not make me feel any warmer and I was shattered. She put the hear pad on for me and we snuggled up in bed so the night did get better.

On Tuesday my housemate did not come until after 10pm so I decided to stay out until 11pm, at first I thought she might be asleep but I jumped on her and stood between her and her book so she had to give me a cuddle.

On Wednesday she had another late night and it was well after 11pm so I raced her down to the front door to make sure I was home before her. Luckily she kept the boy in the living room until I had eaten my tea and then sitting safely in my window. By the time he came upstairs I was sitting pretty- as only a pretty cat can.

Thursday was a nice sunny day so I was outside when my housemate came home, I was deeply shocked when she put a harness on the kitten and let him come out into my garden. I have heard her saying that she does not want him to go outside- probably because he is not as smart as me- but there he was in my garden.

The next-door neighbour’s son visited, he was shouting very loudly as he got out of his car and Marley ran inside, he’s not as brave as he thinks he is.

On Friday it was a lovely night so I stayed out until 11pm, I kept looking in the french doors because I think the kitten might like to be outside, Each time he saw me he ran at the glass door, not realising that he could not run through glass- he definitely needs to stay inside.

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