week of 26th February 2012

So now nothing is mine, Marley can get onto the top bunk and sleeps on my bed, he can jump on to the kitchen worktops and eat my food, he sneaks upstairs and steals my toys and takes them down to his room ( mind you I have some of his stashed under the housemate’s bed!) Now he can use the laptop, I will need to do a web search for a cat union and if there is not one I will have to start one.

Rules need to be established, aaah just thought if I join a cat union I would have to meet with other cats and I do not like the sound of that. Maybe I will start a forum and look for ideas to teach the upstart some lessons- today, Thursday, I scratched his nose so he does not look so cute. He chased me upstairs and then back down again, he trapped me in a corner and jumped on me- he eats too much and weighs a tonne. Anyway he made him back off so I casually walked into the living room and claimed my cat tree.

Usually he would try and sit just below me, I growl, he prowls- same old game each night but today was different. He went and sat on the other cat tree at the other side of the room, the one that used to be mine until I decided I liked the new one. I nipped out just before 8:30pm because that is when the flap locks for the night. Now there is one thing I do not have to share, the garden is mine, I think he is too big to get through the flap or maybe not clever enough to work it out, either way I went out and he couldn’t. I hope I sound smug because I feel it and you know what they say? Never trust a smiling cat lol!

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