week of 4th March 2012

This week has been better than the last few, on Sunday my housemate was working at the computer desk in the spare room so I jumped up on the top bunk-bed so I could supervise. The annoying boy decided that he wanted to watch too so he also jumped up on the top bunk beside me, you can see by my face that I am not over the moon about it but I thought I would try and tolerate him.

When my housemate left the room I showed that I was boss and I growled whilst I walked passed him. He let my go by so I thought everything was cool but he waited until I was walking down the stairs and he jumped on my back and bit me.

Boy did I squeal, my housemate knew exactly what was happening and picked him up and put him back in the living room, I then ran back up the stairs and I am glad that I did. I have discovered bliss, my housemate has bought a heat pad for her back, she switched it on for me and I lay on the bed with this lovely warm heat going right through me. All I need now is to work out how to open the Whiskas Temptations tub and my life would be sorted.

Granted I would still be getting chased in my own house my this massive, so called kitten but at least I would be warm with a mouth full of treats.

My housemate has been out a lot lately so I make the most of night times, on Monday night I think she felt sorry for the boy being in the living room so much and she let him out for the night. I tried to sleep on the bed but he chased me so I sat in the window. At about 4am he jumped on my housemate’s head and started playing with a mouse toy by jumping all over her. All he got was a warning and I knew that this would not be enough. twenty minutes later he jumped on me so my housemate put him back in his room, by the time she was back upstairs I had picked my spot on our bed and made myself comfortable. I am still number one.

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