week of 15th April 2012

On Saturday night/ Sunday morning the weather was very mild, it was nice and dry and the grass had just been cut, so it was a great night for hunting. At about midnight I saw my housemate watching me from the bedroom window so she knew I was safe although it was well past my curfew. I thought she might come out and try and call me in but she obviously knew I was busy.

At 3:40am I took my mouse inside, we were playing ‘circus mouse’ that’s the one where I am a ring master and the mouse is the lead acrobat, after about twenty minutes the mouse got away from me and ran under the living room door but I could not go in there because Bigfoot was in there.

I could hear him chasing my mouse so I shouted for my housemate to come down, she understood that I had lost my mouse but was looking in the cupboard but I told her that he had my mouse. Finally she went in and there he was playing with my acrobat, but he was just pushing her around she was not jumping for him. My housemate put the mouse in a box and then sneaked it outside. Well there we were, neither of us had the mouse, I cried and let her know that I was not happy, soft boy was just purring- useless or what.

Any way we both got fed and my housemate had a cup of tea, before we knew F1 racing was on and I was allowed back outside but the mouse had gone.

On Tuesday night we were both on the bed asleep- or rather all three of us were in bed, I sleep on the pillow now so I was nearer my housemate than he was. At 4am he wanted to play so I growled and he was put downstairs.

On Wednesday night it was 1:30 am when he started jumping on my housemate, he was landing on her stomach and then sitting beside her, I think he was trying to get me the blame but I would have to be carrying a big rucksack to weigh the same as him.

I have decided to start calling him Tom now, after Tom Hanks in Big, he is a little child in an adult sized body, the only thing is that he does not know is how to be an adult. He just wants to fool around, now don’t get me wrong I like to play too but I don’t hang off my housemate’s dressing gown and swing back and forth or try to steal food out of the fridge or hide behind the TV and forget that I have a huge tail which can probably be seen from a mile away.

On Saturday we spent the morning in the same room and he forgot that he wanted to annoy me, he played with my housemate and I slept elegantly in the window. My housemate was out for the day and in the evening all three of us spent time together. I started to relax, which I won’t be doing again because as soon as I shut my eyes properly he jumped on me. My housemate jumped up and he ran under the bed, so I jumped on the bed and snuggled up to my housemate.

He only lasted until 2am because he went downstairs to get one of his noisy toys and jumped all over my housemate, I legged it off the bed immediately but she picked him up and put him in his room. I got back on the bed and we went quietly to sleep.

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