week of 22nd April 2012

On Sunday we watched F1, the kitten sits too close to the TV and thinks he can catch the cars, he really is not the brightest button! There were a few showers on Sunday evening and I waited outside for my housemate to come home so I got a bit wet. I am a Maine Coon so my fur seems to be quite waterproof and I dry off quite quickly.

I went back out for a while when my housemate opened the door to put the bin outside because I had not finished my hunting yet. I stayed out later than I realised and at midnight my housemate came out to ask me in. Of course I made her work for my company and we played we a big stick.

I got just close enough for a scratch under my neck but not close enough to be caught- or so I thought, I momentarily became engrossed in catching the stick and made the fatal move of rolling over on my back to give the stick a kicking and before I knew it I was being carried towards the front door. This turned out to be okay though because I got a nice plate of Applaws chicken and asparagus.

On Tuesday night the kitten- Tom as I now call him was not shut in the living room but he kept jumping on the bed to play whilst my housemate and I were trying to sleep. I decided not to growl so that my housemate will realise that she has one princess and one monster. Luckily after a couple of warnings he carried on jumping on my housemate and he was whisked off downstairs.

On Wednesday it was raining again so I decided to stay in, Tom thought I was out and walked past me about three times before he realised that I was all curled up on the window ledge. Once he found me I thought he would annoy me but he just sat and stared, I stared back so you can probably bet who won- he’s a novice at the ‘cat glare’ I am the master!!!

On Saturday we had guests, I am used to them now so I just watched from a distance, since they were staying the kitten had to spend the night in his room. This meant that I had my housemate’s bed all to myself, well obviously my housemate had her corner.


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