week of 1st April 2012

The girls stayed over on Saturday night so I was up and out early on Sunday morning but I could not help myself I went back in to see what they were doing.We did some art and crafts after breakfast but the kitten was in the room so I sat up on the bookcase out of the way.

On Sunday evening the kitten kept trying to block the flap off again so that I could not get in. I saw him being put into the living room at about 1am and my housemate went up to bed. It was a bit colder but nice and dry, with the clear sky it was a nice night for hunting, so that is exactly what I did.

I lost track of time and the next thing I knew it was 4:30am and my housemate’s bedroom light was on. About ten minutes later she came out of the front door so I ran down to meet her. I was not ready to go in yet but I let her entice me in with the laser pen.

She was very happy to see me, I got hugs, cuddles, Whiskas Temptations and fresh food, it was well worth staying out for. My housemate said she was worried about me, I am usually home by 10pm, 9pm when it is cold. Since I am a Maine Coon I have a very soft high pitched meow so I guess if I got shut in somewhere it would be hard for me to make myself heard,

On Monday and Tuesday night I was home before 8pm and Marley and I have managed to sot in the same room. He likes to run past me, I think he wants me to chase him but I really wouldn’t want to catch him. We have been sharing bath time with my housemate, it seems the bathroom and the house really is big enough for us both ( although given the size of Bigfoot I think we might need to build an extension)

He went down to his room and we went to bed to read, I was feeling a cold so I went under the duvet and had a really good snuggle. For the rest of the week we have been around each other more. I still growl at him when he runs past me and I find it unsettling when he keeps watching me but it does seem to be getting easier,

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