week of 8th April 2012

If I were bigger or he was smaller there would be a show down that Marley would regret. I have had a look on line and it seems that Maine Coon males can grow up to 30lbs  and I fear he might manage that

I am two and a half years old and I weigh 10lbs so I am not expecting to get much bigger even though I might grow for another couple of years. So it looks as if I need a plan B, because he is just getting bigger.

I was spending a quiet Sunday afternoon in my room, I had taken a look in the living room and he was a sleep on the couch so I thought I could have a good nap. I was in the middle of a lovely dream when there he was beside me in the bedroom window. I ran into the other bedroom and he followed me under the bed. There was some spitting and hissing- mainly from me- and then I ran downstairs.

He was right behind me so I turned around and hissed and growled, which usually at least makes him stand still but all he did was jump on my head so I legged it back upstairs and luckily my housemate grabbed him before he could run after me. He weighs a tonne and he has four years of growing. I need to think of a plan which shows him that I am the boss.

On Wednesday I had a bit of a late night and only came in at about 11pm, I got lots of cuddles, I was obviously missed it was worth staying out for. I purred my little socks off and decided that I would sleep on the pillow beside my housemate, that was I was able to wash her hair and face for her.

On Saturday we cut the grass, we played and cuddled all day and Bigfoot could only watch from the bedroom window. I don’t know why he has to stay in I think it is because he doesn’t seem to know how to control his legs. He runs into things, off things and sometimes lands on his bottom rather than his feet.

If he was my cat I woul dtake him to the vet and get him checked becuase I think there is something ‘not quite right’

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