week of 29th April 2012

On Sunday my housemate came back late and I was still outside playing, I tried to get my housemate to play with me but she caught me off guard and before I knew it I was in her arms enjoying a cuddle. I could not help but purr and forgot that I was supposed to be playing. She went for a bath when she came in and I made sure that I got in the bathroom before the kitten so I grabbed the toilet seat and made myself comfortable.

Each time he came in the bathroom I growled and he sidled away, I am the boss!!!

On Tuesday night my housemate ran the bath but did not go for a bath straight away, she was sorting out the washing whilst I supervised from the bedroom window. The kitten went into the bathroom and my housemate followed him in, I heard the splash and the and the laughing and the next minute I saw my housemate carry out a wet kitten. He was soaking from his front shoulders backwards. He was funny.

On Thursday night the kitten was allowed to spend the night with us, at first he was fine, I slept on the pillow beside my housemate so that he could not touch me. He played in the back bedroom for a while, with all the noisy toys he could find but then he jumped on the bed and fell on to my housemate’s face. I thought he would be put downstairs but he got a second chance.

A short while later I jumped off the bed to eat my dinner and he chased me downstairs, I turned on him and made the loudest noise I have ever heard, he turned around and ran back down the stairs. There is more than one way to skin a cat.

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