week of 6th May 2012

On Sunday I saw my housemate come home, I think she saw me under the hedge, usually I run to meet her but it was after 10pm and I knew she would tempt me inside. I went off hunting and managed to catch a mouse and played with it at the back door. My housemate heard me just before midnight and took the mouse away so I just went in for some dinner.

On Tuesday evening I played with a mouse on the patio for about half an hour, my housemate came out to watch so I showed her how high the mouse could jump. She did not look amused and got a box for the mouse and put it under the shed. I sat and watched for a while but the mouse did not come back out so I went back through the fence and got another one.

That did not work well either because she came back out with a box and put this one under the shed again. I went in for some dinner and the jumped out before the flap locked at 9pm. I heard my housemate shouting on me just before midnight so thought I should go home. I took my mouse home with me but this time I waited until the mouse had stopped breathing so that it was of no use to anyone. However my housemate still took it off me but this time there was no point in putting it under the shed.

On Tuesday night the kitten was out and about the house during the night, I slept on the bed beside my housemate for safety but when I wanted to go and eat some dinner he jumped on me. I screamed loudly and got the right response, my housemate told him to stop. Although I was very disappointed because it took three similar encounters before he was banished to his room

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